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Why work for Chassix

The Chassix Team

We have over 4,000 Chassix employees around the world. These employees comprise our Chassix Team. This team spirit is evident in everything we do from sharing ideas, working together to complete projects, celebrating successes and inspiring each other to achieve excellence.

Our employees constantly work together to share new perspectives, ideas and innovation, as well as communicate, listen and connect on a personal level.

Chassix promotes employees to work collaboratively and implement programs to focus on personal and professional development.

All employees of Chassix (the Chassix Team) contribute to our continued success. We offer our employees safe working conditions, a diverse and inclusive environment, excellent benefits, fun and engaging work and the opportunity to advance their career at Chassix.

Safety and well-being

Chassix sets high standards in every workplace around the globe. That’s why we foster a safe work culture for our employees and support their health and wellness with our competitive benefits programs.

Diverse and Inclusive Environment

Chassix challenges its employees to view differences as strengths. Therefore, we strive for a welcoming environment for all by ensuring fairness, promoting inclusive climate and enhancing our culture and education.

Chassix Cares

World-wide each one of our facilities develops initiatives that support their local communities. We encourage our employees to lead and participate in projects that align to key areas of need in their neighborhoods. When joining our Chassix Team, you have the opportunity to be part of a company that cares about their community, environment, employees and families.


Over the years, we have found that our skilled and experienced workforce fosters great pride and accountability, making Chassix one of the highest-quality manufacturers in our industry.

Every Chassix employee, whether in the office or on the manufacturing floor, is provided the training they need to make smart decisions. They are empowered to solve problems and add value in new ways, living our mission of quality and innovation.

We have created specialized Engineering training programs for both current employees and those interested in joining the Chassix Team.

Chassix Engineer Training Abroad Program (CHETA) is a six-month training program where our engineers get to travel and train at one of our facilities abroad.

Chassix Engineering Internship Program offers students or newly degreed individuals a unique opportunity to experience real life aspects of engineering while making the transition from college to company.

The Chassix management team continues to work to strengthen and align the organization with our strategic initiatives. We continuously work to make our company culture all-inclusive and a collaborative work environment for all.