> quality and sustainability

Quality Policy

The objectives of our Quality Management System are to:

  • E - Exceed Customer Expectations for Quality, Delivery and Service
  • P - Prevent Product Defects through Process Adherence and Focus on Safety Critical Controls
  • I - Inspire Continuous Improvement
  • C - Cultivate Employee Job Knowledge and Performance

Through our focus on:

  • >Customers and Stakeholders
  • >Team Member Engagement
  • >Metrics and Priorities Established by Leadership
  • >Evidence-based Decision Making
  • >Optimization and Control Business Processes
  • >Continuous Improvement and Reassessment

Chassix received the following recognition and awards:

  • >General Motors - “Supplier Quality Excellence Awards” – Sao Paulo, Brazil, plant
  • >General Motors - “Platinum Certificate of Excellence” – Port Huron, Mich, 3150 plant
  • >General Motors - “Gold Certificate of Excellence” – Warren, Mich, Blackstone plant
  • >Nissan – “Outstanding Quality Performance” – Port Huron, Mich, 3150 plant
  • >Nissan – “Continuous Improvement Award” – Shelbyville, TN, plant
  • >Nissan - “Regional Quality Award Finalist” – Bristol, IN, plant
  • >Volvo – “Quality Supplier Award” – Barcelona, Spain, plant

Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Policy

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Chassix is dedicated to environmental protection, employee health and safety, regulatory compliance and pollution prevention through a continuous improvement and team based approach. The foundation to achieving our commitment is based upon:

  • >Fulfilling all compliance obligations and integrating environmental, health and safety requirements into our business activities
  • >Continual improvement in the manufacture of globally competitive products utilizing sustainable and efficient production methods and practices
  • >Setting environmental, health and safety objectives for the prevention of pollution and elimination of health and safety hazards in our workplace
  • >Demonstrating environmental stewardship and sustainability within the communities in which we operate