> testing and validation

To ensure uncompromised quality, reliability and robustness of our safety-critical parts, and compliance with all customer requirements, Chassix conducts a wide range of testing services:


  • >CFR governmental compliance for safety-critical parts
  • >Testing to ASTM E155 standards or 100 percent part coverage
  • >Operators holding level I and/or II certifications
  • >Automatic defect recognition (ADR) systems
  • >Linear diode arrays (LDA)

Resonant frequency inspection

  • >Chassix is the only certified, USA-qualified source for safety-critical components inspection

Ultrasonic inspection

  • >Nodularity and defect recognition systems

Fluorescent die penetrant

  • >Semi-automated system
  • >100 percent inspections through product development phase

Magna-Flux® particle inspection

  • >Crack detection

Eddy current inspection

  • >Crack detection

Fatigue testing

Design validation

Module testing

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) programming and testing

CMM scanning

Laboratory capabilities

We also offer in-house laboratories to ensure superior product dependability and consistency:

In-house metallurgical laboratory

In-house fatigue laboratory

Thoroughly versed in metal fatigue analysis, our expert engineers have developed proven techniques that correlate finite element calculations with fatigue testing. Both strain-based and stress-based approaches are used depending upon whether a low- or high-cycle application is being tested, and whether the applied strains have a significant plastic component.